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You don't have to just be someones 'Web Guy'


It began with a pile of garbage in a back yard.

I was 13 when a computer showed up in our house.  How we got the computer is as much a reason to why i’m here today as is having the computer.

You see – at the time my parents were ‘House Flippers’.  By day my dad had a Pin Striping business, by night and weekend he and my mom bought and renovated homes and then sold them upon completion.  I was in on the clean-up of the renovations, and one of my fondest (re: despised at 13) was a house that was severely run-down.  And it was right next to the Edmonton Mill Creek Ravine (= gorgeous location).  To me, it felt like forever to clean up and renovate that damn thing.  And I realistically, had almost nothing to do with it.  The most I remember doing, was cleaning up a pile of old grass clippings and sticks from the back yard.  All by myself.  On a nice day.  I was pretty pissed about it.

“For Sale By Owner” Didn’t Mean Squat At 13.

Well, as my parents did with all the houses, they put it up “For Sale By Owner”.  Their buyer ended up being a young family, who included a 386 PC in the deal, with a 14inch colour monitor.

All my work was worth it! Forget what my parents put into it, all my effort had paid off.

In my later years, I realized what that actually meant.  The part about selling a house ‘For Sale By Owner’ and working a computer into the final deal.  I realized all I had learned about business from my parents was about being my own boss.  An ‘entrepreneur’ so to speak.  Them being who they were, had me working on a computer at 13 when no one else I knew had one.  I am incredibly grateful for that.

Get Good Grades? Pah!

Coming into High School it was quickly that I discovered I didn’t have to work that hard to get by.  And I didn’t have to get ‘amazing grades’ to do what I wanted in my life.

So when I finished High School, the only reason I saw going to college was to learn something that I would use in my own business.  I never once had thought about getting good grades to get a job.  When school wasn’t going to serve my purposes (Let’s face it, in 1999 there wasn’t exactly any good training around Web Design yet), I taught myself.


With this website and in all my business – I work to be transparent and honest.  I’m not here to trick anyone into anything.  I’m also in business to make money (obviously).  If I am going to sell something or be an affiliate with something, it is because i believe it is good.