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Hesitation is a Virus. Action is the Cure.


Are you comfortable hesitating? I used to be – and it was poisoning my mind.

A virus is, by definition, ‘something that poisons one’s soul or mind’.  Hesitation, when given into at every potential occasion, is exactly that.

When it’s time to make a decision on where you want to eat with a group, do you find it hard to pinpoint what it is you want? Does the group as a whole stand around humming and hawing – not a single person willing to take action?  Finally, someone says ‘Let’s just go to Subway’ and then someone else says ‘No, I had Subway yesterday’… more time passes, someone tries to decide again, someone turns it down.  You and everyone else is scared to make that decision.  It’s okay to be scared – just know how to get over being scared.

When you hesitate in making a decision, it’s like letting the gas overflow at the gas station.  It’s a waste of energy, and you can’t get that energy back once it’s gone.

Hesitation will slowly eat away at your willpower.  It will find it’s way into your most positive self and it will bring you down.  Hesitation will kill everything you’ve worked hard for your entire life.  Every time you give into that faltering nature – that pause in thinking – your self-motivation will slowly wither and die.  And you NEED that self-motivation in your business.

When it comes to making money in your business, you need to make decisions and you need to make them concise.  Taking action is a lot better than hesitating when it comes to making money.

Indecision cannot be fixed, but you can fix a wrong decision.

Grab a pen and paper, and write down 5 things that you need to make a decision on.  You are bound to have 5 things in your head that you have to decide on (What’s for dinner tonight? When should I make a follow-up Call to my Client?).

Now, take 5 minutes and make a decision on each one.  60 seconds each.  Write your decision down, and put the paper where you can see it.

You didn’t do it, did you? You likely decided you would do it later.  You have things to do right now (You do? Why are you reading this then?).

Don’t tell yourself there is still time, and you can do it later.  That’s a killer.  If you like the idea, if you thought ‘That’s a good idea, I will do that’ – then do it RIGHT now.  If you didn’t , that’s okay too.  That means you have time to write a comment about the biggest step YOU took towards taking action today.

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  • Thanks Ali! You know - i've noticed the same thing. There is a definite sense of relief if you just make a decision for the group. After a few times of doing it, the complaints or objections just stop.

  • Great piece, and thanks for the link! I'm often hesitant about little decisions -- especially when waiting for a group consensus -- but I've found more and more that just going ahead and saying "lets do this" won't ruffle any feathers and will actually come as a relief to others!

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