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Is Luck a Factor in the launch of Your Business Idea or Product?


Here’s something I think you’re not going to hear from many (possibly any) ‘guru’ out there.

LUCK plays a BIG role in your success.

Have you ever listened to a Self-Help Guru or a Internet Marketing Guru?  Listen to their start?  Almost each one has some sort of LUCK that factors into their success.  Some thing they stumbled upon or some thing that happened at the right time.  Or even just – they came along with a product or book that hit the right nerve at that period in time.

It’s not ALL about luck – it takes a lot of hard work and discipline (say what?).  However – oftentimes – that hard work and discipline ends up paying off because they got lucky somewhere along the way.

A Niche with No Market Value Makes me $60 a Day

I have my own ‘luck’ story.  I’ve worked on so many different projects.  Projects for myself and ones for clients.  I’ve done JV’s on products like you wouldn’t believe.  And out of nowhere, came the little engine that could.  I gave someone a free copy of a book, just because they were intelligent and asked smart questions.  8 months later, this person writes me to thank me and gives me a little idea, as their ‘Thank You’.  Well – the little idea was indeed little.  But I followed through on it.  I did some research into it as a possible ‘niche’ and decided it had no market value.

I released this idea for free.  2 weeks later I saw it had been downloaded 2000 times.  I was shocked, and immediately realized I should make people give me their email address for the download.  After 6 months of that, I had 8,000 people on this list.  I decided to charge $2.95 for it.  I was making about $9 a day, which was awesome to me.  I changed it to $4.95 – $15 a day.  $9.95 – $30 a day.  At this point I felt it deserved it’s own website.

Once I did that – well I’ve consistently done $60 a day from that site, for 7 months straight. And I did NO SEO, NO Backlinking, NO Article Marketing, NO Video Marketing.

And I just lucked out, into a ‘niche’ that if anyone ever researched this ‘niche’ for profitability would have decided was not worth any effort whatsoever.  I decided to give it a shot, I followed through on it, and I waited.

However – want to know how many other Ideas I’ve followed through on online, and waited… and waited… and waited on?  Probably more than 20.  And this one – well I was lucky I found it.

So – be ready to put in the time to make your desires a reality.  And know that part of your success is just going to come down to luck.  Seriously!

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  • Thanks for this.

    I make about $11 a month from an article I posted on Squidoo 3 years ago. I do nothing to it at all. I just lucked out into the right topic, and placed it on the right website.

    Here's the article:

  • Thanks Hashim for the comment! That's quite a simple Squidoo lens. I always pictured needing to do big advanced crazy gorgeous Squidoo lens' to make any money. $11 a month for 2 years isn't so bad for an hour a work I'd say? :)

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