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It Wasn’t Me, It Was The One-Armed Man!


When I was 15 I was extremely excited for the movie with Jim Carrey ‘The Mask’.  I was a big Jim Carrey fan because of “Ace Venture: Pet Detective” and I was also nuts about computer generated imagery.  At the time I wanted to be a 3D Animator.  So, naturally, “The Mask” was the coolest movie in the world in my books.

In that movie, there is a part where The Mask says “It wasn’t me! It was the one-armed man!” as he is about to be arrested.  I found this funny.  And I had no idea it was referencing something else.  It was years later when watching ‘The Fugitive” around the same time as “The MasK” that I realized they went together.

So here was something that most likely, everyone had heard before.  Most likely everyone got the joke.  And yet, I did not.

What? You DIDN’T already know this?

The other day, I was discussing with a fellow web person website stuff.  You know, shop talk.  Flash Websites came up and I said something like ‘Everyone knows Flash isn’t a good platform for your website anymore” – to which he replied “Says who? I haven’t heard that.  Why not?”

At first, I was shocked.  Was he serious?  He believes it’s cool to develop a clients website completely on Flash?  Surely he would know why this isn’t very smart.

The thing is, he’s so in love with Flash that he wouldn’t be out hearing anything else.  He hadn’t heard it before – and I got to explain to him the many reasons it wasn’t such a hot item anymore.

So in realizing that not everyone has heard everything before – i realized I shouldn’t ever discount a thought or an idea based on others knowing its obvious existence.  It’s obvious to ME.  That doesn’t mean it’s obvious to YOU.

Here’s my challenge when you have something you want to share but you think ‘Everyone knows this”.  Do it – and do it better than anyone would have done it before.  Even those that find what you’ve created that already “know it” will appreciate your take on it.

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  • Very good advice. In our studio we scrutinize the possibilities to view new things in a comfortable way and old things in a new light.

  • I really like your wording here : "New things in a comfortable way". That in itself just feels so comfortable.

  • Thanks Shawn.

  • Shawn, we often work on technology projects that create culture change. When you introduce disruption to the status quo creating comfort in that change is essential to acceptance and success.

  • This is something I'd never really thought of. And I've been a culprit of introducing disruption to the status quo with my team here. Enabling a way to ensure that change is comfortable is seriously not something I put much thought into - I just did it. Hmm - food for thought for me.

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