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Know When You’re Overwhelmed – and then Don’t Be.


Overwhelmed or Dedicated?

When you leave yourself open to ALL opportunities, you end up picking none.

I’ve gone to quite a few seminars.  Not as many as a lot of people I personally know – but I’ve been to my fair share.  They’re fun!  Meeting new people, learning great new information.  However – I’ve never taken a single note while at them. I know that if I do, I won’t ever end up taking the time to review them later anyway.

I feel this has been a great benefit to me, and I feel it could be a benefit to you as well.

Honestly, of all the pages and pages of notes you’ve taken at seminars or from training, how much of it have you reviewed?  So why clutter your mind with the ‘need’ to review them someday?

You’re condensing HOURS of amazing learning into a short period of time.  Just let your mind take it in, and only take away the parts you KNOW will benefit your goals.

You Don’t Know Your Goals?

What’s that? You don’t know exactly where you’re headed with your business?  That’s okay – figure it out.  If you keep your head clear off all that excess clutter, you’ll be able to figure it out that much quicker.  Plus, you can save money by not spending it on training you don’t even know you need yet.

Once you know where you’re taking your business, here’s what you should do at the seminar.  Attend all the presentations until you hear one that abso-freaking-lutely blows your mind.  Have they got a book? A course? Anything?  Buy it, and then take it to your hotel room and bury your brain in it.

If You’re Excited, You NEED to Take Action Immediately.

You’ll finish out the seminar with an action plan and having gone through most or all of a course that has you extremely excited.  You’ll get on the plane home and you’ll be ready to start taking action.  You’ll get home, and since you only have one plan of attack, you’ll be able to start in on it instead of being overwhelmed and unsure where to start (thus you’ll use none of what you learned – overwhelm!).

You wouldn’t be spending anymore money on anymore products or seminars because you’d be on track.  The only way you’d spend more, is if it made a direct impact on your action plan and bottom line.  Eventually you’d be going to these things for the networking alone, to find more things and people that do just that.

Clutter = Overwhelm

By clearing your brain from clutter and overwhelm, you’ll be focused on one thing that you are indeed excited about.  That one thing will take some hard, ernest effort and work.

It will be worth it, you’ll feel good from it and because you’re so focused you’ll actually recognize the results you’re getting instead of letting those pass you by while you’re looking for the next ‘thing’ that will bring you internet millions.  If you’re focused, you’ll actually notice your results.

You need to recognize when you hit overwhelm mode.

Once you see it, you need to stop it.  You’re overwhelmed because you’re thinking too much.  So stop thinking.  I’m serious.

So what do you do instead of think? No, you don’t go turn on the TV or play some Video Games to ‘take a break’.  You TAKE ACTION. Just do SOMETHING.  Anything.  It’ll be better than being stuck in that overwhelm mode, circling in your head about what to do and where to start.  Stop thinking and start acting.  Now.

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